Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quote Of The Day from Blake Shelton

This could only come from Blake Shelton. He was asked about the home in Hollywood Hills that he's rented while filming The Voice. It's an Italian designed mansion that is adorned with columns and marble on the interior. The mansion sits atop a canyon and Shelton admits that he enjoys more than the beautiful vista while he is perched on the ravine's edge. Shelton shares, "I bet I'm the only guy within six or seven square miles of this area who goes outside to pee just because it's funny to me to see how far I can pee down into the canyon." Yep, classic Blake!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Need A Good Laugh?

Found this on YouTube, and it really got me laughing! It's the 100 Best Maniacal Movie Laughs. Some are creepy, some silly, some from live films some from animated features. You'll see some maniacal laughs from your favorite flicks in this video, but I couldn't help but notice that both Nicholas Cage and Bruce Willis have several entries, especially Willis as John McClain in the Die Hard flicks.

Enjoy! Bwahhahahahahah!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hot Dog Vendor Getting Leaned On?

I saw this story on Channel 8 last night and thought I'd write about it and get your feedback. Apparently, there's a guy who calls himself "Bronson From Wisconsin" who has set up a mobile hot dog stand in downtowwn La Crosse. I don't know if he sells anything but hot dogs, but the dogs they showed on the report sure looked good. Anyway, he's at the corner of 3rd and Main, and he's open until bar time to serve those who are out late at night. I don't know if he's out there during the day or not, maybe you can tell me if he is. The gist of the story is that it sounds like the City wants to consider new regulations for these type of mobile vendors, specifically in regards to their hours of operation. Although Bronson isn't the only mobile food vendor in town, the police are apparently concerned that Bronson's business keeps partiers downtown longer than they would like to see, possibly contributing to fights, etc. First off, I'm sure the guy has a restaurant license of some kind and follows all the health regulations like he's supposed to, so that's not an issue. The other point to consider is that there are plenty off other food establishments open at the time of night in traditional indoor settings, but nobody seems worried about that. Bronson says his business is giving people something to do after the bars close and they head out in their vehicles. I say he's found a great way to do business. Maybe it's me, but do you think he's getting "leaned on" a bit? What do you think? Should he (and anyone else who opens a mobile food cart) face more regulations than any other restaurant? Should he not be allowed to stay open as long as he likes? If any other restaurant doesn't serve alcohol, can't they stay open as late as they'd like to? I'd like to hear from you if you've ever had a dog from Bronson, or heard about any specific problems his being open has caused. Meantime, I'm going to see if he's open during the day and get a dog with the works! Email us your thoughts at, or post your ideas on the CC Facebook page.

Wild Ride!

Did you see this over the weekend? A 47-year-old Iowa woman walked away uninjured after her SUV's accelerator became stuck on Interstate 35 in Missouri and took her on a high-speed ride with highway troopers in pursuit. Missouri State Highway Patrol spokesman Sgt. Sheldon Lyon says the woman's 2011 Kia Sorento hit speeds in excess of 110 mph Sunday after getting stuck at 100 percent throttle. The panicked woman called 911 when she couldn't slow down as she traveled north near Bethany, Mo. I've never had this happen, few of us probably do, but if you've ever wondered what it would be like to have this happen, take a look at the video. Have you ever had anything like this happen while you were driving? Let us know:
Click here for the video.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

5th-Graders Predicted the Internet’s Future

Boy, this is interesting! This is a a PSA from 1995 about kids and the internet. They talk about all the things you'll be able to do, places you can visit, etc. Remember, in 1995 the internet was really just getting started. It's interesting how right on the money they were!