Tuesday, July 30, 2013


There’s a theory floating around about the greatest food in human history – and it might surprise you. A commenter on the Freakonomics blog, run by economics experts Stephen Dubner and Steven Leavitt,suggested recently that the McDonald’s McDouble cheeseburger is “the cheapest, most nutritious and bountiful food that has ever existed in human history.” And he makes a compelling argument. The burger is 390 calories, contains half a daily serving of protein, plus 7% of daily fiber and 20% of daily calcium. Plus, it’s available in 14,000 locations in the U.S. and usually costs just $1. Of course, there are skeptics – and those who have suggested an alternative “greatest food ever” meal of boiled lentils. But that’s not as fun now, is it?

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Toby Keith recently graced the cover of Forbes Magazine's Celebrity 100 issue. The featured article required Keith to take part in a photo shoot and interview, which the singer had no desire to do. Toby told The Oklahoman that his publicist demanded that he do it, so he reluctantly agreed. Keith said, "First of all, it's like pulling teeth to get me to do photo shoots and I don't mind doing interviews if they're by phone, but I hate to go sit down and have to meet somebody somewhere." But it was the content of this particular interview that really annoyed Toby. The article detailed the singer's several business ventures, including his restaurant chain, his Mezcal line, his partial ownership of the Big Machine Records label, as well being the head of the Show Dog Universal label. Keith said, "I'm uncomfortable even talking about success and money. I'm just a boy from Oklahoma that still drives a pickup truck."

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Meltdown of Epic Proportions

Parents are accustomed to seeing meltdowns and tantrums from their kids, when they have missed a nap and are overtired.  However, this man has apparently had enough of his 30-year-old wife's childlike meltdowns.  "James" began to videotape his wife, "Whitney" as she threw a full-blown temper tantrum over not being able to go to the lake, in lieu of having to run errands with her husband.  

I actually feel for this guy.  He must have had to deal with this type of behavior for years, before he finally decided to document one of the ordeals.  Honestly, there is no excuse for this kind of behavior from a grown woman of 30 years.  Ridiculous.

The biggest irony of all:  In the background on the vehicle's radio, you can hear The Band Perry's "Done" playing!!  Yeah, I'd venture a guess that "James" is DONE with her.  According to sources, he posted the video and moved out of their house.  He has filed a restraining order against her and they pair is headed for divorce court, where this video will likely be played to help him make his case.

I'm wondering if her parents spoiled her rotten and she knows no other way, than to throw a temper tantrum to get her way?  Regardless, it's inexcusable and horrible behavior.  What do you think?  Drop us an email!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nashville's Royal Baby

As the world watches the news of the birth of the future King of England in London, Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott and her husband Chris Tyrell announced the birth of their own royal baby girl in a Nashville area hospital. Scott's baby girl was born yesterday and was named Eisele Kaye Tyrell weighing in at 7 pounds, 13 ounces. Pronounced Eyes-lee, it’s a combination of Chris’ mother’s maiden name and Hillary’s mom’s middle name (Kaye). Hillary tweeted a photo and wrote, "She's here, and we are in HEAVEN!!! Eisele Kaye, our beautiful angel, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!"

Monday, July 22, 2013

Impulsive Tweets Not Just for Teens Anymore

Thanks to Geraldo Rivera, we now know that it's not just teenagers who are impulsive with their "selfies" that they tweet.  The 70-year-old reporter tweeted this photo of himself shortly after 1am this weekend, with the caption, "70 is the new 50!"

While Geraldo may look "OK" for being 70... I seriously doubt this is a photo that anyone really wanted to see.  I mean, I think I lost a few years of my life just from the trauma of viewing it.  Perhaps you have now too.  The horror of the potential slip of the towel from his scrawny hip bones was enough to bring my last meal back up, knocking on my esophagus.

Geraldo eventually deleted the tweet and made a "joke" about noting to himself to not be tweeting things after 1am.  But this whole incident begs the question, what will social media be like in another couple of decades?  Will those impulsive teenagers of today be brazen and narcissistic in their older years too?  Will we be inundated with all sorts of inappropriate, wrinkly, saggy selfies down the road?  Thankfully, I will probably be gone from this earth by that time.

P.S.  What's with the rose-colored glasses? Perhaps that was part of the problem with his decision-making?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Gettin' Ready For Country Jam!

Hard to believe it, but Jam is this weekend! For all of us here at KICKS 106.3, it's the culmination of a year's planning and work. When one Jam wraps up, we start working on the next year, and this year's Jam is going to be excellent! Not only do we have awesome headliner acts Rascal Flatts, Kelly Clarkson and Gary Allan (or Gary "Mmm Mmm" Allan, as Jacklyn would say), but your station, KICKS 106.3 is planning on even more fun right on the jam grounds!
      First off, Look for us right in the concert area in our beautiful headquarters from F.M.B. Trailer Sales in Holmen! Make sure you stop by and register for the “Movin' On Upgrade”, your chance to win VIP seats for Friday or Saturday. Then get your free photo taken for the Festival Foods Jam Sessions that we'll post to our Facebook page. Wanna meet the artists?Register for meet-and greet passes! And get your free 2013 Official Jam Fan, sponsored by Hot Springs Spas! Of course we'll be covering all the fun of Jam on Facebook, Twitter and at KICKS 1063.com! More prizes and more excitement than ever! No one brings you Country Jam USA like the All New KICKS 106.3! See you at Jam starting Thursday!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Update On Randy Travis

The country music community is sharing their hopes, prayers, and well-wishes for Randy Travis. Joe Nichols, who's featured on Randy's latest single "Tonight I'm Playin' Possum," tweets, "#PrayingForRandy Get well soon!" along with a link to their song. Keith Urban says he's "Sending healing strength and love" to Travis. Carrie Underwood, who won a Grammy with Travis for their collaborative remake of his hit "I Told You So," is also tweeting thoughts and prayers to Travis, along with Brad Paisley, Thompson Square, Tracy Lawrence, and others. The 54-year-old country great was admitted to a Texas hospital on Sunday with viral cardiomyopathy. He remains in critical condition after undergoing a procedure to install a device that is assisting his heart's pumping function. A post on his website adds that Randy and his family are "very thankful to the fans for their love and support during this time."

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Randy Travis Hospitalized

Randy Travis remains hospitalized as he battles a heart condition.  The country star's rep said Travis was admitted to a Texas hospital Sunday and is "suffering from complications of recently acquired viral cardiomyopathy."  The condition is brought on by a viral infection, and causes the muscles in the heart to weaken.  On Monday Randy was said to be in critical condition.  Travis has made headlines over the past year for a series of run-ins with the law.  The 54-year-old singer is best known for his 1987 hit "Forever and Ever, Amen."

Monday, July 8, 2013

Taylor Celebrates The 4th With A New Romance?

Is there yet another new man in Taylor Swift's life? Taylor Swift celebrated her Fourth of July weekend with a big party at her Rhode Island home with dancers from her "Red Tour" and posted many fun pictures from the event. Now, Perez Hilton is reporting that Swift's possible new love may have been there too and that is Criminal Minds TV actor Matthew Gray Gubler who also posted pictures of himself online with American flag face paint from a big Fourth of July party. Nothing is confirmed yet and nobody's talking, but Taylor has been talking about writing for her next album and she may just have a song subject in the new Hollywood hunk.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?
Actor Pierce Brosnan's daughter, Charlotte, died last week from ovarian cancer at the age of 41.  That is the same disease that killed his wife 22 years ago.  I can only imagine the pain that he is going through having lost both his wife AND daughter to the same awful disease.

It makes me ponder a subject that I've been on the fence about for some time: Genetic testing to determine predisposition to certain diseases.  Now, I don't know all of the facts surrounding their family's battle with this horrible monster, ovarian cancer; but I do know that if found early, most cancers can be subdued and often times eradicated.  I'm not saying this would have been the case for the Brosnan family.  I'm just considering the subject of genetic testing.

I've often thought that I wouldn't want to mess with God's plan.  If I ever became pregnant, I wouldn't want to know what the sex of the baby was, before birth.  In my mind, that would be like reading the last pages of a book, prior to even starting to read it.  But life-threatening illnesses are a bit different.  We have the technology to battle them now, or at least give someone a fighting chance against diseases like cancers.

Some people wouldn't want to know about something like that and just take the cards that are dealt to them in this life.  I can understand and respect that stance as well.

Would you get genetic testing done if a family member of yours died due to a disease like cancer? Why or why not?  Drop us an email.