Friday, June 14, 2013

Iron Man Made Me Cry!

Poor kid! One young Iron Man fan got the let down of his life, when his mom promised he’d meet the superhero, but instead got the film’s star Robert Downey, Jr. The mother of 18-month old Jaxson Denno had heard the actor was filming his new movie near their Massachusetts home, so she decided to take her son to meet him, telling Jaxon specifically that he was going to see Iron Man. But when the young boy actually came face-to-face with his hero, it was only a clean-shaven Tony Stark, not the man in the suit. Heather Denno told People her son finally realized it was the same person when Downey spoke, but the picture she snapped documented Jaxson’s initial disappointment. Actually, Downey doesn't look very happy either, does he?!?

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