Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pentagon Ok's Women In Combat

Outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is lifting the ban on women serving in combat roles. The change in policy enables women to serve in front-line combat patrols and elite military units. The Pentagon is being sued by four servicewomen who claim the no combat policy stunted their career opportunities.  In a statement, Senator Carl Levin applauds the move and says it reflects the reality of 21st Century military operations. The Michigan Democrat chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee. Secretary Panetta plans to retire as soon as his replacement is confirmed by the Senate.  President Obama has nominated former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel to replace Panetta. It's hard to argue with this. Women have been basically on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan due to the nature of the war, with insurgents striking bases, convoys, etc. where women have already been serving. What do you think? Is it time this happens? We're taking a poll on our Facebook page, click here to get in on it: