Thursday, January 31, 2013

Whale Vomit & Beaver Anal Gland Secretions

Who would've thought that such "delicacies" are so sought after in our world?!  A British man walking with his dog along the beach found his dog dug up a rather smelly and large "rock." It ended up being rare whale vomit, worth $68,000. Someone offered him $50,000, as it's apparently used in the production of some perfumes.

Consider that the next time you spritz on some of your perfume.  You might be dousing yourself with whale vomit.  Nice.

I shared this little nugget with my officemate, Chris Callaway.  He proceeded to tell me about artificial raspberry flavoring (called castoreum) and how it comes from beaver anal gland secretions.  True story.  Mind you, my favorite flavor is... was... raspberry.  No longer, obviously.

I read through a list of a half dozen nasty things we ingest, and I'm about ready to vomit.  I wonder if someone could create a perfume out of that too?