Wednesday, April 3, 2013

He Wants Spend How Much?

So, ladies, the man in your life wants to go to the Super Bowl, and you look at the budget and say. "I love ya, honey, but no freakin' way!". Well, guess what? The Super Bowl, or the World Series, or the NCAA Final Four are not the most expensive tickets in the sports world: It's the Masters. Yes, that Masters, the golf tournament! The Masters is the expensive ticket in all of sports, according to a report by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, topping out at $4,486 if you want to see all four days of tournament action. Just a one-day pass can run anywhere from $1,215 to $1,786 depending on the day and even a practice round during Masters week can cost you up to $1,118 (as the AJC points out, that's as much as a four day pass to the PGA Championship).      By comparison a ticket to the Super Bowl costs just $1,210, so if you want the hottest ticket in all of sports, you better be prepared for a trip the Masters.     The good news about how expensive it is to hit up the Masters is that once you're inside the ropes, and past the Augusta gate, your wallet lightens tremendously (as long as you avoid the merchandise tent, which you won't do). Beers cost just $3 (and you get to keep the cup, which has the Masters logo and the year on it).      But geez, almost $4500.oo to walk around a golf course? Of course, if you get the chance to see Tiger Woods sink a clutch 30-footer, maybe it would be worth it. Or you could make him a deal: Split the money with him, get him his own ritzty country club membership, and go shoe shopping with your half!