Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Caught on Tape

Wow!  Derrick Hurtt and his daughter stopped to videotape the fire at the fertilizer plant down in Texas last Wednesday and actually caught the massive explosion on the tape.  It is astounding to watch and heartbreaking to hear his daughter's fear in the aftermath.  They are incredibly lucky that they weren't seriously injured.

Speaking to the Today Show, Mr. Hurtt said, "There was probably double-diget people standing in front of me, videoing that were closer than I was and after the blast, they were no where to be seen."

He added that the force of the blast lifted his truck off the ground and sent him on top of his daughter.  He said, "Things just kind of went black for a moment.  He and his daughter's inner ears were a little sore, but their full hearing has returned.

This incident was overshadowed by the turmoil and tragedy out in Boston last week, but it was just as horrific, with 14 killed and about 200 injured from the blast.  Our hearts go out to the families impacted by this tragedy.

And it serves as a lesson for those who want to "capture" things like this on tape: Use caution and put safety FIRST.