Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Today's "Idiots On Parade"!

Police in Kentucky returned a lost cellphone to its owner and placed him in cuffs after seeing the phone's wallpaper pic of the man with a massive stash of weed. Cops showed up to the residence of 23-year-old Tyler Sanderson on Friday, a day after the phone came into their possession. "The individual gave consent to search the residence there, and there was 18 pounds of marijuana we were able to seize because of that," Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton told ABC News. "The average guy you might see a quarter-pound, maybe a half-pound, maybe even a pound. You don't see a lot. To see 18 pounds of it, that's a good lick. That's neat." 

      Sanderson was arrested on the spot and charged with trafficking marijuana over five pounds as well as possession of drug paraphernalia. An anonymous individual found the phone with the incriminating pic and left it on the vehicle of School Resource Deputy Montey Chappell in Frankfort, Kentucky, last Thursday. The deputy then turned over the phone to Franklin County Sheriff's Office Deputy Jeff Farmer, who tracked down the phone's owner. The marijuana is worth approximately $50,000, Melton said. Sanderson remains behind bars at the Franklin County Regional Jail under $10,000 bond. Ya know, when you put an incriminating photo like that on your phone for all the world to see, it's like saying, "Hey, somebody call the cops and tell 'em what I'm up to!"

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