Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Man Tries To Sell The Word "The" On Ebay

You gotta love Ebay. Anything you want you can find there. Including the word "the". Yep, an Australian man was selling the word 'the' written on a piece of paper on eBay. The bidding reached over $10,000 before eBay pulled the listing. The enterprising seller, who goes by the username 'sweatyman' has listed the item's condition as "very good" adding that the word is "ideal for any situation". No, there's nothing special about it. It's not an ancient piece of text, or written by someone famous. Just a piece of paper with the word "the" written on it. In the item's description, 'sweatyman' writes that the item is: "Handwritten with blue ballpoint pen, on a torn piece of Reflex A4 paper, this versatile word can be used in literally thousands of sentences. For example: 'The dogs have escaped again'; 'I will buy some meat from the local deli.'; What's the time?" I imagine he did it to see if anyone would actually bid on it, which many did. More power to him, I say!

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