Monday, June 2, 2014

Everything's Just Ducky At Shopko

Here's your "awww" story and photos for the day! Deb and I stopped at Shopko in Bridgeview Plaza late yesterday to do some shopping in the outdoor gardening area. There we found the store's staff caring for a mother duck who had made a nest in one of their plant displays.

Her ducklings had just hatched Saturday, and the staff was concerned because one of the little darlings had fallen off the stand, so they were devising a plan to move the whole thing to ground level. Deb and I were only too happy to help, so we all lifted the boards, plant containers and ducks to the ground.

Mama seemed a little disconcerted, so she decided to take her flock for a walk.

The Shopko folks said they would care for Mama duck and her brood until they were ready to head for the Black River, at which time they would help escort them safely across Rose Street. Well done, Shopko!

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