Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Decorah Eagles Moving Out Of View

If you've followed the on-line escapades of the world-famous Decorah eagles, we're sad to report they are moving to new digs and will be out of the ever-present eye of the webcam that has allowed millions of on-line visitors to keep an eye on them. "They have been bringing grass and lining the bowl of their new nest and not the old one" - a strong signal that they've made their choice, Bob Anderson, director of the Raptor Resource Project, said Friday.Anderson said. The new nest does not have a camera andother streaming equipment, so "the Decorah eagles will be offline this year," he said. Pending approval and support from nearby landowners, Anderson said cameras will be installed this fall at the new nest. "Cameras at both nests will ensure that the public will again be able to follow these famous eagles," he said. The eagles began building their new nest, about 400 feet from their established nest, in mid-October. After bouncing back and forth between the two during the winter, they began showing a pronounced affinity for the new one this week, Anderson said. Here's a link to the webcam for the current site so you can catch them before they "move on up" for good: