Friday, February 22, 2013

Spirit Week is SO Different

When I was in school, we had "Spirit Week" every year.  Schools still do this week of silly dressing in show of school support, only it would seem gone are the traditional favorites like "Pajama Day."

My nieces and nephews recently had their "Spirit Week" and I have to admit--I chuckled at a couple of the themes.  "Duck Dynasty Day" was probably my favorite, mostly because I watch that show and find it to be hilarious and filled with solid family values.

But they also had "Injury Day."  What?!  Yep.  Kids applied make up to look as though they had black eyes.  They wrapped bandages around their extremities or head and hobbled around on crutches, to celebrate school spirit.  Weird.

Then there was the well-meaning, but not thoroughly thought out, "Smell Good Day."  Yeah, that one got kids scrubbing and cleaning themselves more throughly than they probably would've, which was likely a boon for the parents.  But when you fill a classroom with 20 or so kids who have all bathed themselves in various colognes and perfumes, it's bound to give everyone a massive migraine.  I feel like I'm getting one just thinking about the toxic tendrils infiltrating my nostrils.

It is doubtful that teachers who had to crack windows and turn fans on full blast will encourage that malodorous mistake next year.

What are some of the crazy theme days your kids are doing this year?  Do you have thoughts on these themes?  Drop us an email -- and chime in on the conversation!