Monday, May 20, 2013

I Didn't Win Either...

But did we REALLY expect to win?  I enjoy the hopeful feeling of winning as I gaze at my numbers leading up to the drawing.  I LOVE fantasizing about what I would do with the money.  I think that's actually the best part about Powerball.  It gets us thinking what we would do with an obscene amount of money.

In addition to paying off my mortgage, my sibling's mortgages and helping some other family members out financially, I'd make a huge donation to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.  But I'd also explore some quirky things...

Like a monster Lego playhouse for all of my nieces and nephews and my husband's grandkids to play in when they come to visit.  It would have to be at least three stories tall and have those awesome window shutters on it.  And giant lego people with the goofy round hole hands.

I'd also want to have a roller coaster at my house.  I realize that would require a lot of permits and more land to lay it out, but hey--if I won almost $600-million--permits and land would not be an issue.  I'd love to start every morning with a roller coaster run.  And of course, the neighborhood kids could also ride for free.

I wouldn't mind owning bunch of race cars and a kick arse team to maintain them.  Then I could help some up-and-coming drivers and even some older ones who have tremendous talent, and help them gain recognition to rise to the top of the racing world.  I've heard that race car owners who don't race can be really crazy people.  I would embrace that.

What would you do with your millions if you won?  Drop us an email!

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