Tuesday, May 14, 2013

O.J. Then....And Now!

Wow! Did you see the "before and after" pics of O.J. Simpson? Sure, we all age, but what a difference when you look at his pictures side-by-side. A plumper, grayer O.J. Simpson appeared in a Las Vegas courtroom yesterday, in a bid to get his 2008 armed robbery conviction overturned. The 65-year-old is currently serving 9 to 33 years after a jury found him guilty of leading a sports memorabilia heist in a Vegas hotel room. Simpson claims his legal representation mishandled the case and is seeking to have his conviction thrown out. Simpson is arguing that his ex-lawyer, Yale Galanter, gave him bad advice. Simpson claims he seized sports memorabilia that belonged to him because Galanter told him it would be legal to do so. Simpson was famously acquitted of the murders of his wife and her friend in 1995. Remember the famous quote form the trial, "If the glove doesn't fit, you have to acquit"? These days it's, "If the pants don't fit, the prison gym you'd better hit!"

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