Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Meltdown of Epic Proportions

Parents are accustomed to seeing meltdowns and tantrums from their kids, when they have missed a nap and are overtired.  However, this man has apparently had enough of his 30-year-old wife's childlike meltdowns.  "James" began to videotape his wife, "Whitney" as she threw a full-blown temper tantrum over not being able to go to the lake, in lieu of having to run errands with her husband.  

I actually feel for this guy.  He must have had to deal with this type of behavior for years, before he finally decided to document one of the ordeals.  Honestly, there is no excuse for this kind of behavior from a grown woman of 30 years.  Ridiculous.

The biggest irony of all:  In the background on the vehicle's radio, you can hear The Band Perry's "Done" playing!!  Yeah, I'd venture a guess that "James" is DONE with her.  According to sources, he posted the video and moved out of their house.  He has filed a restraining order against her and they pair is headed for divorce court, where this video will likely be played to help him make his case.

I'm wondering if her parents spoiled her rotten and she knows no other way, than to throw a temper tantrum to get her way?  Regardless, it's inexcusable and horrible behavior.  What do you think?  Drop us an email!

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