Friday, December 20, 2013

How to Alienate People

I'm generally running behind on things, especially when it comes to Christmas cards.  I find it's easier to just wait until you receive Christmas cards and then reciprocate after the fact.  We'll call that my "Golden Rule of Laziness."

Yesterday, I took my handful of reactionary Christmas cards to the post office.  I thought I should get Christmas stamps for them, to give the appearance of "effort" put forth on the project.  I take every morsel of legitimacy I can scrounge together on things like this.

So, there I was, standing in line at the post office, among my slack-jawed peers, who were also marveling that Christmas would be upon us in less than a week.  As is the case often times, I avoid eye contact and try to focus on other things with interest, even if I have zero interest.  There are just some days I don't feel like engaging in conversation.  It happens.

That's when I spotted the marketing poster for the United States Post Office encouraging me to "Send Holiday Cheer," with the seasonal stamps.  "Oh good!" I thought to myself, as I was unsure which stamps would be available this year, so I could peruse that, while I waited in line.

I studied the poster.  There was a gingerbread house, a poinsettia, a celebration of Kwanza and one for Hanukkah.  The ridiculousness of it!  I mean Hanukkah is already done, so that one was out of the question.  Plus, I'm not Jewish.  

Kwanzaa, while I like to say it, I have zero idea as to what it is.  However, a quick Google search lets me know that it is an African celebration that runs from December 26 - January 1. 

Which got me thinking; we sure have this holiday stuff figured out at the end of the year.   Kwanzaa is a full week long festivity.  Hanukkah lasts eight days, so it trumps Kwanzaa by one and Christmas--if you include the entire Advent celebration--lasts between three and four weeks!  The Christmas season is by far, the longest celebration of the bunch, but yet, there weren't any specific Christmas (religious) stamps shown on the promotional poster at the post office. 

Strange that they'd highlight two religions, but not the most prevalent of the bunch here in America--Christianity.  The lack of one featured on the poster, made me want one more, just to be difficult.  I get that way sometimes.  I'm female.  

Further, you'd think in light of the challenges that the US Postal Service has had, that they would avoid putting a promotional piece out there that draws the ire of the Christian faithful, given their numbers.

Regardless, as luck would have it, when I reached the head of the line, a quick inquiry revealed that they still do carry Christian Christmas stamps.  They just didn't feature them on the promotional poster.

Again, it makes sense (not really, I'm just being sarcastic.)  Most businesses will highlight something that will attract the masses in the hopes of securing more sales.  Not so for the post office, I guess.  They highlight the lesser known religious holidays.  Good for them, marching to their own beat!  I'm sure it won't impact their viability.  I mean their business has been increasing year after year, right?

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