Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Not Whining....Really.

O.k., I know non-Packer fans will accuse me of whining about last night's game. But, c'mon! Enough is enough with this replacement officiating! First, let me say that if the Pack had played better in the first half they wouldn't have had to rely on a call on the last play of the game to win. Fair enough? If you don't want to lose the game on a blown call, PLAY BETTER SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO! Now, that being said, everyone in the world including Seahawks fans right there in the stadium could see that Seattle's Golden Tate shoved Packer Sam shields out of the way, then M.D. Jennings clearly caught the ball and went to the turf with it. It was after Jennings caught the ball that Tate shoved his arm in and the refs called it a touchdown! Jennings had posession, Jennings went to the ground, Jennings was down, and Seattle got the TD? The refs said it was a simultaneous catch, and tie goes to the offensive player according to the rule book. Oh, and then the refs forgot that Seattle was supposed to get a point-after attempt even though time had expired, and after 10 minutes brought the teams back out for the kick! Geez, what a mess! Let's go NFL, get this under control. ESPN has great video of the last play for you to take a look at. What are your thoughts on this? Drop us an email at johnandjacklyn@cc1063.com