Friday, September 7, 2012

The New IPhone? Ho hum.

So the new IPhone 5 is due next week from Apple. Wahoo. This is going to surprise anyone who knows how much of a gadget geek I am, but so what? Yes, it's probably going to be the greatest thing since white bread, but didn't we just get the latest and greatest IPhone last year? Honestly, I love tech stuff as much or more than anyone I know, but after a while it just feels like these companies are just turning these updates out to snag more of our money. It's like they count on the segment of the population that just has to have the very latest IPhone, IPad or whatever. There are people I know who will get this phone just because it's the newest. I don't mean to just pick on Apple either. There are plenty of tech giants who do the same thing. I got my Samsung Stratosphere a year ago, and now they have the Galaxy 3, and I'm sitting here thinking, "Man, that is cool! Maybe I need to get one." Agggghh!  Resist, resist! I'm sure there's some truth to it when they say they're just "keeping up with rapidly changing technologies" that we consumers demand, but geez wouldn't it be nice to go for more than a year without feeling like you're behind the times because you got last year's model? Let me know how you approach these things. Do you have to have the latest and greatest? How about your kids? Drop me an email at