Friday, September 28, 2012

Remember When....?

With the Maple Leaf Parade set for tomorrow, I thought I'd see if anyone else remembers the year the parade went the opposite direction than it does now? Yep, I don't exactly remember the year, but I know it was in the late 70's because I marched in it as part of the Central High band. It may have even been my senior year, 1978. As I recall, it was because the new Copeland Ave. southbound overhead was being built over the railroad tracks just north of Sloopy's and they had to route the parade from south to north that year. All I remember from that parade was crossing the northbound bridge on Rose St. That one was the old one that had a steel support system. Anyone else remember that year? If I've got my facts (and memories) mixed up let me know! Drop me an email if you remember that year:
Hopefully you're ready for a fun and safe Oktoberfest 2012. The opening weekend weather  forecast is awesome! While most of the CC106.3/La Crosse Radio Group crew will be in the Parade tomorrow with our "Break The Vegas Vault" float, I'll be hanging out with Jennifer Livingston and Bill Graul from Channel 8 broadcasting the parade live. I'll be the "man on the street", running around interviewing parade participants and folks in the crowd. Hope to see you there!