Friday, October 12, 2012


Apparently, my dog negates delivery of packages by the US postal service in my area. I arrived home yesterday and made a stop at my mailbox, retrieving some letters and spotted a fluorescent orange note on top of them, which read: "Parcel waiting at Post Office. Unable to deliver because of dog. 10-11-12."

I frowned and gave Bo, the-Attention-Hog-Dog a look. Pondering what he could have possible done to prevent the delivery of a package. I mean, he's a big lug--mostly harmless, really--unless you have food. Then he will drool on your leg and expect you to share... a lot.

At any rate, I traipsed down to the post office to get my package. I decided to inquire what exactly Bo did to the guy. I was told that Bo "charged" the vehicle and was barking. He also said that Bo was "jumping up on the vehicle." That last one, I find hard to believe, as we've NEVER had that issue, but whatever. Bo is more interested in racing you up the driveway. He's a male. They're competitive that way.

Bottom line was, the guy said that they are trained to not get out of the car if there is a dog loose in the yard. I told him that I have invested in a Pet Stop system and that Bo has free reign of the entire expanse of the yard to romp around.  He replied that they are told if they get bit, "it's their own fault and it would not be covered." 

Now THAT gave me pause. Seriously? You work for the government and if you get "injured" on the job--you have NO coverage? No recourse? I was shocked to hear that our government, who seemingly opens the wallet for every imaginable cause would turn their back on their employees who might get hurt on the job.

I let the guy know that I have homeowners insurance and if Bo ever decided to bite him, I would have him covered. But reiterated that Bo is honestly more interested in playing or eating some of whatever he might have to offer.

That didn't seem to ease his concern. He pointed out the "cage" that I have on my porch. The one with the note that read, "Please leave packages in here, as the dog might eat them."

Apparently, he interpreted that as Bo is a snarling mean dog--instead of what it really means: Bo likes to eat. One week before Christmas a couple of years ago, he ingested a deluxe art set that I had ordered for my niece Klarrisa. Needless to say, we had some VERY colorful dog turds the next couple of days. And I had to find an alternative gift for my niece.

I guess if the delivery of packages from the US postal service won't happen because of Bo--I'll instead look to UPS or FedEx, because quite frankly, I don't always have time to run and pick up my packages. What's the point of delivery, if it doesn't get delivered? Feel free to share your thoughts HERE.