Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Deed Is Done!

Ok, it was a bit weird! Deb and I did indeed vote yesterday at City Hall. And, frankly, it wasn't so much that we were voting a week early, it was 'cause so many other people were doing the same thing! No kidding, it looked like voting day down there. I felt bad for the volunteers when we got there, because the computers were running slow and the line was starting to back up. It's a little different procedure: First you check in in the main lobby at one desk, then you take your slip of paper that says "Registered" over to another desk. There they look you up again and print out a label with your name, etc. on it that they put on an envelope and send you to the second floor. There you check in with your envelope and they give you your ballot and off to the voting booth you go! After filling out your ballot, you seal it in the envelpe and drop it in the box and you're outta there. It sounds a little bothersome, but it goes pretty quickly. They have a a lot of great volunteers there, by the way.

      Like I said, it was really busy there. Looks like a lot of people had the same idea that we did about voting early and avoiding the crowds on the actual voting day. So the deed is done, and now we can sit back and watch the circus next Tuesday! Did you vote early? How did you like it? Drop us an email if you'd like: johnandjacklyn@cc1063.com.