Monday, October 29, 2012

We're Voting Today!

     Yep! You might be saying, "John! Election day is next Tuesday, not today." You'd be right, but my wife, Deb and I are taking advantage of  Early Voting to get it done today. Here's why: Deb works 12 hour shifts at Gundersen Lutheran and she's scheduled to work next Tuesday, voting day. By the time she gets done at 7 p.m., and we get to the polls, stand in line, etc., it's going to get real late. You just know since it's a Presidential election the polls are going to be packed in the evening, so we're taking advantage of Early Voting and doing it today. We'll be heading down to the City Clerks office this afternoon and casting our votes.

     What's really interesting is that some folks we know are not happy with us! Some just feel the "sanctity" of voting day shouldn't be messed with, and some feel we're affecting the outcome. I can understand this in some way because if people are allowed to conduct exit polls and release that info, some folks may not be inclined to vote if they feel it would make no difference. But the truth is that something like 4 million people have already taken advantage of Early Voting, including military personel, etc. Are we messing with the sanctity of voting day? Maybe, but it's my vote, and at least I'm exercising my right! What do you think? Shoot us an email: