Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nice To Meet You! How About A Kiss?

We don't know if you've seen the video yet, but it sure is making waves! It's called First Kiss, and it's a video of people sharing just that: their first kiss! The twist to the story is that the smoochers just met right before they were filmed locking lips! Each of the couples were complete strangers, and it's really interesting to see how they approach the kiss. Some are very shy and uncomfortable, while others are really into it! Take a look at the video here: 

What we're wondering is if any of the couples made enough of a connection to get to know each other after the cameras stopped rolling!

So would you kiss a total stranger for a video? Would you insist on seeing them first and then deciding? Would you do it with the help of some "liquid encouragement"? Drop us a line with your thoughts:

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