Thursday, March 27, 2014

Not Even Close

Turns out, my itchy palm was NOT indicative of me winning last night's Powerball drawing.  It was just a rash.  Selfishly, the good news is that no one won the big jackpot. There were only three $1,000 winners than managed to match the five main numbers, and one of those winners was in Minnesota.  That being said, if you bought a Powerball ticket across the river in the Gopher State, you should double check if you scored the money, and know that I'm jealous.  You can check your numbers here.

I'm not a quitter though.  I plan to purchase another ticket for this Saturday's drawing.  I realize that most people wait until the jackpot gets really massive to play.  I used to subscribe to that technique, but it occurred to me that if you win that huge amount, you make headlines.    I like to ride under the radar.  It's quiet there and the chances of long-lost relatives that aren't really related coming out of the woodwork is mighty slim.  You see, no one really talks about someone winning a jackpot under $100-million.  I don't know about you, but I could use less than $100-million effectively, even after taxes are ripped out of that amount.

So, I will be plunking my two-dollars down again before the next drawing on Saturday.  I think my other palm is starting to itch!  Hopefully, that doesn't mean the rash has transferred there.

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