Friday, March 14, 2014

Now That's Entertainment

Hey, there! John here and I'm gonna brag a bit today! Deb and I went to an awesome play last night performed buy the students at Holmen Middle School. And I say awesome because our niece, Claire Schroeder, is in the cast. It's a great version of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". Claire is "Purple" in the Chorus, and if you go, she's the one who gets to bang the cymbals all during the play. (I should make a remark here about how that suits her because she's so noisy!) Anyway, the kids did great job under the direction of Dan Lee, who's a local stage veteran most notably involved with the Heart Of La Crosse comedy troupe. There are actually a lot of local references in the play, and it's really good! They'll perform again both tonight and tomorrow, and you should really catch it if you can.

Actually, going to see the play last night got me thinking about all the great things students in our area put out there all the time. If you have kids in school, or like us a niece or nephew, you probably already catch a lot of their dance recitals, choir and band concerts, sporting events, etc. But for those that don't have kids, you should also think about checking these out. Whether it's an elementary school's Christmas show, a high school forensics competition or a middle school play, these kids are working really hard to make each performance the best it can be, and it's really great entertainment! Of course, props to the school staff and volunteer family members who help make these things happen. So the next time you say "There's just nothing to do!", try looking at the school schedules for the next concert, play, game, etc. And to our niece, Claire, great job sweetheart! We're very proud of you! Break a leg!

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