Wednesday, March 26, 2014

No Fun League?

The National Football League is tightening their rules on the "Celebration Ban" once again.  Players scoring a touchdown will no longer be allowed to "dunk" the football over the crossbar of the goal post.  Commissioner Roger Goodell says it's an extension of the ban on the use of props, where in this case, the prop would be the football.

Part of the reasoning behind this move, could stem from the fact that when New Orleans Saint, Jimmy Graham did the dunk after scoring a touchdown in Atlanta last November.  He slammed the goal post a little too hard and it got bent, forcing a delay in the game, while the post was straightened and tightened.

The NFL says that they have grandfathered in the "Lambeau Leap," and there are not any plans to remove that celebration at this time.  But let's be honest, that could change.  Suppose a player jumps up and someone gets hurt?  Will there be another knee-jerk reaction to stymie the celebration?

Do you think that the Lambeau Leap will ever end up getting banned by the NFL?  Drop us an email.

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