Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fashion-Forward Flip-Flops?

I've seen plenty of Hollywood types strutting about shopping in their Ugg boots.  I even have a friend who splurged and plunked a pile of money down to purchase a pair of the Ugg boots for herself.  She swears they are the most comfortable footwear she's ever sported.  I'm not going to lie.  I secretly want to buy a pair for myself, after hearing her raves.

I'm a boot lover.  I can appreciate a good, comfortable pair of boots.  I'm honestly a shoe lover, so for the most part, I can understand a relationship a woman has with her footwear.  It's the one clothing item that always flatters and never makes you feel fat.  However, I'm somewhat practical when it comes to parting with my money.  Spending $100-$200 on a solid pair of boots--maybe justifiable.  Spending $80 on a pair of Ugg flip flops?!  I just don't know.

I'm shocked that people would spend that kind of money on a pair of what can only be described as glorified slippers.  I honestly think that I would be embarrassed to wear these things.  Check that.  They DO look comfortable.  I would be embarrassed to wear these things in public.  It would be like a Muppet hitched a ride on your metatarsals.  Of course, no one ever thought that yoga pants would be worn as a daily go-to staple for a wardrobe OUTSIDE of the yoga class.  Maybe I'm not as fashion forward with footwear as I thought I was?

If these things take off in popularity, Casual Friday might just get a little more casual.  Maybe that's not such a bad thing?

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