Monday, April 7, 2014


I love dogs.  I would never want to hear of a dog suffering, particularly because of something my dog did to another one.  However, I had a very interesting story unfold this weekend that has me a bit nutted up to say the least.

On Saturday, I had a visit from the Trempealeau County Sheriff's Department.  According to them, while I was away from home our dog, Bo "attacked" another dog that a woman from the neighborhood was walking in the street.

I immediately refuted the accusation, because we have a Pet Stop system, which is essentially an invisible fence surrounding our property.  Bo never leaves the yard.  Ever.

This deputy seemed unfazed by this fact and proceeded to inform me that those systems are not 100% foolproof and are no guarantee that a dog will stay in a yard.

I asked him if he was certain that it was our dog, as we have direct neighbors who also have a black lab, with a red collar.  He informed me that the woman stated, while there were two dogs of similar appearance on that street, it was the "thicker" of the two.  Great!  Now she's calling my dog fat too!  (I'm kidding.  He's seriously just big boned.)

The deputy informed me that when he drove up our driveway, Bo "charged" his vehicle and was barking viciously.  I felt a thin grin of pride turn the corners of my mouth upward.  I applaud Bo for that.  It's what he's supposed to do when a strange vehicle enters our property.  I asked the deputy when he got out of his vehicle, what Bo's demeanor was?  He said he was very happy and friendly.  (We taught Bo that police officers are your friends.)

I inquired with the deputy, where the alleged attack occurred.  I'm still not 100% clear as to where it happened, because the initial description when the phone call started made it sound like Bo charged out into the street, but toward the end of the discussion, it sounded like it allegedly happened at the end of our driveway.

I found this quite interesting, because about seven feet back from the end of our driveway is about as far as Bo will ever go in our yard, to avoid getting a zap at the property line.  I decided to test out his collar myself.  I took it off of him and we walked out to the end of the driveway.  When I reached that seven foot out mark, the collar began to beep quickly.  Bo turned on a dime and hightailed it back to the house.  I continued to walk toward the street, with two fingers on the prongs of his Pet Stop collar.  I got a sharp zap that shot up to my elbow.  Yep.  The thing was still working.

I'm telling you, it is impossible for Bo to have left our yard.  We literally have to load him up in our vehicle and DRIVE ACROSS the property line and unload him in the street to take him for a walk.  He will NOT leave the yard on his own.  The system works, just as you would expect it to for a dog that has lived within those parameters for about 6+ years.  He's not a stupid dog, despite the goofy face he often has.

Still, I haven't heard another word about the incident--yet.  And I do hope that the little dog was not seriously injured.  I just don't like our dog being profiled as a degenerate that "attacked" another dog and he now has a "record" with the Trempealeau County Sheriff's Department.  What is the statute of limitations on something like this anyway?  The woman apparently wanted me to pay for any vet bills, if she decided to take her dog in for examination.

Which brings me to my next thought.  I'm wondering if the neighborhood woman with the 10 pound Shitzu that was allegedly attacked by Bo, somehow didn't maintain control of her leash (assuming she had the dog on one) and her dog ran into our yard?  It seems plausible, given the skittish nature Bo has about leaving our property.  If that was the case, and her little dog is not seriously maimed, it stands to reason that it was not an "attack."  Bo is nearly 100 pounds.  I think he would eat a 10 pound Shitzu, if he was so inclined.  Instead, I'm guessing if the two interacted, it was probably some rough play?  It's hard to say.

The only thing I know for sure is that Bo did NOT leave our yard to "attack" another dog.  He would leave the yard for the garbage men, before he would for a little 10 pound dog, IF he was ever able to muster up the courage to leave our yard.  However, if another dog entered his yard--our property--is it our fault that there was an incident?  I honestly don't know the answer to that one.  Common sense would tell me that it is NOT our fault, but it would seem that common sense is becoming extinct in this world.

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