Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Bad News:  Someone is likely going to lose their job over this incident on "Dancing with the Stars."  Good News:  You've likely never screwed up this bad in public, so take comfort in that.

Proof-reading is so important.  If you don't believe that, just talk to the guy who was supposed to double check that the phone numbers designated for each performer were displayed correctly.  Instead, mismatched phone numbers were placed with performances of some dancers.  The end result?  No one was eliminated, due to this snafu.

If you're a big fan of comedian Bill Engvall, you're likely believing in some redneck cosmic intervention.  That, or prayer.  Bill was at the bottom of the scores going into the night and despite that heavy anchor around his neck, he will live to dance another week on DWTS.

I love Bill Engvall. His dancing... not so much, but I applaud him for getting out there and giving it his best every week.  And at least he hasn't met his demise by screwing up some graphic that sent producers into cardiac arrest.  He'll still have a job when he leaves the show, unlike the poor guy who did the graphics this week for voting.  Perhaps there's an opening in government for that man?  Maybe assisting to get the phone numbers out for assistance with the new Healthcare Marketplace?

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