Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Backup Career?

My mother has preached to me all of my life to keep a backup plan ready in all situations.  Whether it's making sure to have an extra bottle of laundry detergent on hand, for when the current one runs out, or having an idea for a backup career, if the current one takes a dive.

Well, guess what mom?  I found my backup career in Madison and it's at "The Snuggle House,"  which opens today, provided all of the proper permits have been obtained.  The best part about it is that it would seem that I won't need to go back to school for an additional degree to do this, as I'm already pretty proficient at snuggling.

Are you confused? Allow me to elaborate.  "The Snuggle House," is a place people can go to get hugged, spooned or cuddled, as touch therapy.  Yep. Perfect strangers can plunk down $60 to spoon with someone for a therapeutic hour.  (Already, my mind is racing, adding up the $60 an hour wage!  I could have my house paid off in no time!!)  Plus, I'm an excellent hugger!

And while Hannah Rode, the manager of the establishment says no hanky-panky will be taking place, I'm not sure what the protocol is to enforce that stance.  But who cares, right?!  I mean I could make $60 an hour as a "Professional Snuggler," like Lonnie Johnson, who is the only male in the place!  Lucky Lonnie!  As the only man, he'll surely make a killing at this gig!  And he sports long hair, so that's sure to be a draw for the lonely middle-aged women, who long for more "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" commercials from Fabio!

Mom will be so proud that I've discovered a backup career for myself!!        ~Jacklyn

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