Tuesday, October 29, 2013

John's Arch Nemesis: The Twin Maples

John here~ So I've been recounting my continuing battle with the leaves in our yard as the fall has progressed. Those who've been listening have heard me grumble about the twin maple trees in our front yard that have waited to turn color and drop their leaves this year. They seem to be later than normal this year, and I believe it's a conspiracy. The ash trees in the back yard are done, the crabapple trees in the side yard are done. But the twin maples out front? They're going to make me pick up leaves well into November! Curses, what a diabolical plan! Anyway, I thought I'd share a pic of the two notorious trees in question. As you can see, they've finally turned color and they are certainly beautiful. And although they have started dropping leaves, they have a ways to go. Nasty trees.

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