Thursday, October 31, 2013

But It's So Much Fun!

Try as we might, we parents pretty much can’t avoid embarrassing our kids. And, really, isn't it kinda fun to do? A survey of 2,000 people revealed the top 10 parental behaviors that made kids cringe. Let's see how many of these you've done to your kids, or had your parents do to you!

1.Watching movie sex scenes with your parents.
2.Talking about sex.
3.Using abbreviations like LOL and OMG.
4.Parental PDA.
5.Dads who go through mid-life crises.
6.Moms who read Fifty Shades of Grey.
7.Wearing revealing bathing suits.
8.Getting drunk.
9.Discovering your parents’ sketchy Google search histories.
10.Dressing too young.

Now, what activities or behaviors did your parents do that embarrassed you? And have you ever embarrassed your kids? Drop us an email with your favorite story:

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