Monday, January 20, 2014

Country Birthdays.... And Brantley Gilberts Jeans

A milestone birthday today for a country legend: John Michael Montgomery turns 50 today!

And happy 29th birthday to Brantley Gilbert! 

Brantley admits that at the beginning of his career, he stayed put in his home state of Georgia to make sure he stayed true to who he was as a singer and an artist. Now, Gilbert embraces the Music City as well as maintains exactly who he is. He shares:

"I was happy where I was at and I was just a little hesitant about Nashville. I didn’t want management, you know, in the beginning, a booking agent or a label. I was scared to death somebody’d try to slap some wranglers and a bucket hat on me and tell me to sing somebody else’s songs. So, I was a little standoffish but eventually we grew to the point where those things were a necessity."

I guess I'm just wondering how many of you ladies would like to "slap" those Wranglers!

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