Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Having Your Cake and Eating It Too

I am forever amused by those who participate in or follow along with reality television shows and the "horror" of the results when they don't match up to their expectations.  I mean, you're putting the reigns into the hands of America.  We struggle to get presidential elections right, do you really expect anything different with this stuff?!

Case in point--last night's eliminations on "Dancing with the Stars!"  For weeks, comedian Bill Engvall has found himself at the bottom of the judges scoring.  And for weeks, thanks to America's votes for him, Bill has been "saved" and other dancers have gone home!  Hysterical!

Bill knows he's not a great dancer.  He's never claimed to be one.  And his partner, Emma Slater, a professional dancer had tears rolling down her face at the prospect of going home, as she was fully aware that her partner's effort at the Charleston this last round resembled an epic bit of physical comedy, rivaling side-splitting moves of the legendary Tim Conway.

However, America had other plans.  America LOVES Bill Engvall!  And America instead sent  the feisty and talented Elizabeth Berkley and her pro partner packing.

And the judges went ballistic.  The crowd booed.  And Bill Engvall gave his boyish innocent look to the camera.  He didn't do anything wrong.  He's just an affable, lovable comedian.

Honestly, these reality shows that allow the public to determine the outcome are foolish if they want to cry foul when the results are read.  You put the American people in charge!  We are notorious for rewarding those who have not earned it!  Why should reality shows be any different?!

It's a popularity contest and America would obviously rather sit down and have a beer with Bill Engvall than Elizabeth Berkley!  Boom!  I hope Bill wins the whole kit and caboodle!  GO BILL!!

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