Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Men Spend More Than Women?!

Say it isn't so!  Men, who traditionally scoff at the idea of shopping, actually spend more during the holiday season than women?  Well, according to a survey conducted by ESPN, that's the case.

I suppose, if we break it down, it makes sense.  Women prefer to shop, often without buying at multiple stores, whereas men are more apt to buy more products at one store.  Read: They want to get it over with and onto something else.  

This theory completely explains why anyone who receives a gift from my husband ends up with a flashlight.  He shops at Menards, so while he's picking up his aluminum for making brackets on the race cars, he'll grab a couple of flashlights and voilá, his Christmas shopping is done!

In fairness, I've never heard anyone on the receiving end complain about receiving one of his flashlights.  As a matter of fact, the common response is, "This is great!  I needed one!"  To which, my husband smugly smiles and looks at me, as if to say, "I told you so!"

Not all men opt for such "practical and useful" items, like my husband.  When it comes to their wife or girlfriend, they're likely to spend more because they "want to get it done and please" that person, according to the ESPN research.  That would explain the spending more, if they aren't price comparing.  The study shows that men outspend women by a whopping 39%, when it comes to Christmas shopping.

With that in mind, I fully anticipate receiving a Lightsaber from my husband this year.

Does your husband spend more than you at Christmas time?  Drop us an email!

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