Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Look at Her Rack!!

Phil Klein of Champlin, MN landed a buck over the weekend. Or at least he THOUGHT it was a buck.  Turns out it was a doe with antlers!  Apparently, this phenomenon happens, but it's quite rare.  Over the past two years in Minnesota, approximately 197,000 deer were harvested, but only one was reported to be a doe with antlers.

Then again, some hunters may not even realize they have a doe, as they were too enthralled by the antlers? Although, for the life of me, I can't imagine a hunter not first checking out the rack and then slyly lowering the gaze to a buck's nether regions, just out of curiosity.

The Department of Natural Resources says that antlers on a doe would be caused by an overproduction of testosterone.  It makes sense.  I played basketball in middle school with a girl who had the same situation.  She had whiskers, could bench press 300 pounds and emitted a scent similar to my brother's sweat socks.  Sometimes biology is a crazy thing.

It's kind of amusing.  Men chasing after a big rack in the woods and doing the same thing in the bar after the hunt!  And in the case of Phil Klein, he would've landed a female both times.  Here's hoping you land the rack of your dreams this weekend!


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