Friday, November 22, 2013

It's Still A Wonderful Life

Here's an update to our story from earlier this week on the proposed sequel to It’s A Wonderful Life. As you can read below in our earlier post, we don't feel it's a good idea. You just shouldn't mess with a classic like this. Well, reports of a planned It’s A Wonderful Life sequel may be premature. Earlier this week, Variety claimed Star Partners and Hummingbird Productions were developing a sequel to the holiday flick, but Paramount Pictures, which owns the rights to the 1946 original, plans to fight it. “No project relating to It's A Wonderful Life can proceed without a license from Paramount,” the studio said in a statement. “To date, these individuals have not obtained any of the necessary rights, and we would take all appropriate steps to protect those rights.” We don't know if Paramount is against the sequel for artistic reasons or if they just want to make sure they get their cut, but hopefully it makes those involved look at it a bit closer before they go ahead and screw around with classic!

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